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Workforce Development

 Our Workforce Development programs are designed to recruit, train, and place individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds in positions as cultural heritage tour guides, tour directors, interpreters, and storytellers. Minority POC representation in travel the travel industry preserves our nation’s diverse history and ensures our authentic stories and the nuances of the culture’s traditions, arts, and events that tour students know so well are shared.

We actively recruit participants from HBCU Institutions, Black College Alumni Associations, and Black Social Groups to participate in our Tourism Mentorship Programs, Destination Management, and Entrepreneurship Training Programs.  



Tour Guide Management

Tourism Entraprnuership

Black Culture and History Tourism

Civil Rights Trail Tour Training

Live Event Touring and Logistics

Experiential Live Music Education

Live Event Production 


quality Education 


Our Commitment 

Media Arts Institute supports inclusive and equitable quality education that promotes lifelong learning.

Our projects support this goal by providing scholarships to disadvantaged youth, helping to create and build safe learning environments, and teaching the value of sustainable development

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