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We are a Heritage and Culture Tour Operator that is committed to delivering sustainable, soulful, and authentic travel experiences that support the Economic Development, Educational Programs, and Heritage Sustainability efforts of the BIPOC communities we visit along the US Civil Rights Trail.

Our custom curated travel experiences connect our guests to local southern communities, their residents, their economies, and cultural traditions.

A Civil Rights Trail Tour interactively shares the authentic stories of the men, women, and children who used their courage, creativity, talents, and voices to advance social change and develop new forms of creative expression and world culture.



  • Provide unique authentic and cultural travel experiences that contribute to inter-cultural understanding and tolerance.



  • Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of the communities we visit.

  • Preserve and support the history, culture, and economies of our host communities.

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Civil Rights Trail Tours is committed to addressing today’s most pressing Sustainable Tourism Development issues. 

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