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At Civil Right Trail Tours we offer 11 different and distinct tour itineraries that dive into the essence and flavor of Black History and Culture in America.


Our tour designers and cultural storytellers have designed a series of travel experiences that explores the role African Americans have had in shaping American history.



Our journey and stories begin on the shores of African and in 1619 when the first slave ships arrived in America from Africa

Each of our tours includes the historical contributions relationships of Native American Indians and the Enslave people of Africa and their fight for freedom justice and equality here in America


On each of our tours, you will learn about the brave and creative Black children, women, and men that changed the face of America and how they influenced civil and human rights today.


Each of our pilgrimages takes our guests to the battlegrounds and sacred places in the south where Hero’s walked and fought for human rights and so much history and culture was birthed and unfolded.



Guest on a civil Rights trail Pilgrimage tour will benefit from over 5 decades of relationships with remarkable black history makers, brave Footsoldiers and black cultural institutions and artists which will allow guests to connect and hear first-hand accounts of important and key events, along with little know the black history and Cultural stories.


The story’s shared and the people you will meet in towns and communities rich in Southern hospitality and black history and culture will help you gain important insights a newfound respects for the ordinary people and who were willing to die for peace justice and equality.







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